We deliver throughout India. Note: Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we may not deliver to areas in India that are containment zones.

Desi Cow Ghee prepared in the bilona method is loaded with nutrients. It is used to prepare medicines in Ayurveda owing to its medicinal value. Bilona method involves making premium milk into curd and Then hand-churned to obtain butter. The butter is then boiled to ghee. It requires around 35litres of cow milk to obtain 1 kg, which makes bilona milk expensive than store brought ones.

Ghee can be prepared by using any animal milk. It is typically prepared by boiling butter, traditionally made by churning curd (also called the Bilona method). Pure desi ghee is prepared using cow milk only. Yes, we follow the traditional process. Hindola Ahaar Ghee is hand-churned just the way the Vedic process describes.

The Gir Cow is known to be one of the finest milch cows. The cow is famous for its endurance in stressful weather conditions. Gir cows, typically from Gujrat, yield more milk in less fodder. It is strong enough to resist any tropical diseases as well. Consuming the ghee that is rich in nutrients builds out immunity for a healthy, disease-free body.

It takes about 30-35 litres of milk to produce 1 kg ghee without any adulteration. We promise the utmost organic quality, and we deliver it too. Gir cow ghee is worth every rupee spent.


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